the ballad of carol lynn
words and music by david ryan adams
barland music(bmi)

transcribed by judd bolger

(harmonica solo in C G and F)

intro: C Csus (2x)

F     G7             C
lovin you has gotten weird

               F           Emin             Dmin
you'll see the sun hanging low down by your window

and all the rain left in the world

won't bring you home again

oh Carol Lynn

trusting you has gotten strange
you'll close the door when the cold has gotten in
and all the love left in the world
won't keep you warm again
oh Carol Lynn

G                            F
when you need a friend to be there for you

        Fmin                     C
i won't be one who will help you out

G                                 F
and when you need someone who can let you in

you can count me out

oh Carol Lynn

F         G7
when your life has worn you out

                F             Emin          Dmin
you'll have the past left for you to think about

and all the money in the world

can't take you back again

             C   Fmin
oh Carol Lynn

oh Carol Lynn