whiskeytown discography.

angels ep
(released may '95 by moodfood)

*angels are messengers from god
*captain smith
*tennessee square
*take your guns to town

who the hell? {a tribute to richard hell}
(v/a released '95 by cred factory)

*blank generation

faithless street
(released moodfood jan '96)

*midway park
*drank like a river
*too drunk to dream
*what may seem like love
*faithless street
*mining town
*if he can't have you
*black arrow, bleeding heart
*hard luck story
*top dollar

revival vol. 1 brunswick stew and pig pickin'
(v/a released '97 yep roc)

*take your guns to town

power of tower
(v/a released '97 by cred factory)

*the great divide

straight outta boone county
(march '97 by bloodshot)

*bottom of the glass

theme for a trucker
(released april '97 by bloodshot)

*theme for a trucker
*my heart is broken
*the strip
*houses on the hill

rural free delivery
(released by moodfood may 97, the label releases some of whiskeytown's earlier recordings after they had moved on to the outpost label. {the *hidden track* before track 1, is an alternate version of 'nervous breakdown'})

*take your guns to town
*nervous breakdown
*tennessee square
*captain smith
*macon, georgia county line
*pawn shop ain't no place for a wedding ring
*angels are messengers from god

in your wildest dreams
(released july '97 by outpost)

*ticket time
*the rain won't help you when it's over
*factory girl
*wither, i'm a flower

strangers almanac
(released july '97 by outpost)

*inn town
*excuse me while i break my own heart tonight
*yesterday's news
*16 days
*everything i do
*houses on the hill
*turn around
*dancing with the women at the bar
*waiting to derail
*somebody remembers the rose
*not home anymore

strangers almanac sampler
(released '97 by outpost)

*16 days
*excuse me while i break my own heart tonight
*houses on the hill
*somebody remembers the rose

16 days single
(european import only, outpost '97)

*16 days
*the rain won't help you when it's over
*wither i'm a flower

the end of violence soundtrack
(v/a released sept '97 by outpost)

*theme for a trucker

revival vol 2. kudzu & hollerin' contest
(v/a released oct '97 by yeproc)


spain - every time i try
(whiskeytown contributed to this cd single, outpost '97)

*theme for a trucker

yesterday's news single
(released '98 by outpost)

*yesterday's news (radio version)
*yesterday's news (lp version)

hope floats soundtrack
(released on capital, april '98)

*wither, i'm a flower

big star, small world {a tribute to big star}
(was to be released may '98 by ignition records)

*give me another chance

the garden place, songs by our friends
(released sept '98 by yep roc)

*me and my ticket

real: the tom t. hall project
(v/a released oct '98 by kickstand/sire)

*i hope it rains at my funeral

car songs split 7" w/neko case & the sadies
(released '98 by bloodshot)

*highway 145

on the mountain 4
(released '98 by KMTT)

*16 days

faithless street re-release
(released sept '98 by outpost)

*midway park
*drank like a river
*too drunk to dream
*tennessee square {bonus}
*what may seem like love
*faithless street
*mining town
*if he can't have you
*black arrow,bleeding heart
*excuse me while i break my own heart tonight {bonus}
*desperate ain't lonely {bonus track}
*hard luck story
*top dollar
*lo-fi tennessee mountain angel (for kathy poindexter) {bonus track}
*empty baseball park {baseball park sessions}
*here's to the rest of the world {baseball park sessions}
*16 days {baseball park sessions}
*yesterday's news {baseball park sessions}
*factory girl {baseball park sessions}

mile marker 383
(v/a released summer '99 by starbucks)

*16 days

exposed roots - best of alt.country
(released june '99 by k-tel)

*nervous breakdown

return of the grievous angel - a gram parsons tribute
(released july '99 by almo sounds)

*a song for you

poor little knitter on the road
(released oct '99 by bloodshot)

*silver wings

down to the promised land. 5 years of bloodshot
(v/a released may '00 by bloodshot)

*monday night (ryan adams)
*please take the devil out of me (caitlin cary)

waltzie ep.
(ms caitlin cary released aug '00 by yeproc)

*rosemary moore
*nursery lie
*big town
*withered & died

(mr ryan adams released september 5 '00 by bloodshot)

*argument with david rawlings concerning morrissey
*to be young
*my winding wheel
*oh my sweet carolina
*bartering lines
*call me on your way back home
*damn, sam
*come pick me up
*to be the one
*why do they leave?
*shakedown on 9th street
*don't ask for the water
*in my time of need
*sweet lil gal

(released may 22, 2001 on losthighway)

*ballad of carol lynn
*don't wanna know why
*jacksonville skyline
*reason to lie
*don't be sad
*sit and listen to the rain
*under your breath
*mirror mirror
*paper moon
*what the devil wanted
*crazy about you
*my hometown
*easy hearts
*bar lights

(mr ryan adams :: september 25, 2001 on lost highway)

*new york, new york
*answering bell
*la cienega just smiled
*the rescue blues
*somehow, someday
*when the stars go blue
*nobody girl
*sylvia plath
*enemy fire
*gonna make you love me
*wild flowers
*harder now that it's over
*touch, feel & lose
*tina toledo's street walkin' blues
*goodnight hollywood blvd

*rare & unreleased songs*

forever valentine
*anyone but me (put you out)
*don't wanna know why
*easy hearts
*sittin' around
*rays of burnin' light
*ghost without memories
*runnin' out of road
*can't take a lover
*think about me
*crazy lonesome

fucker demos
*sit and listen to the rain
*leave the lights off
*bound to happen
*what makes the world like this
*hurts sometimes
*tearin' me up inside
*i need medicine
*clearly destroyed
*fool to you
*gonna win
*comfortable only at night
*out of time
*bar lights

*the battle & the war
*nighttime gals
*born yesterday
*funny how i'm losing you
*oh my sweet valentine
*hey there missus lovely
*statuettes with wounds
*it wasn't
*onslow county
*choked up
*taking me higher
*nurse with the pills
*the poison & the pain
*barn's on fire
*10 seconds til the end (of the world)
*kiss and make up
*boon town
*clear my head
*further down the road
*oh sally
*house for sale
*standing right there
*the string & the wire
*streets with sirens
*2 black roses
*involuntary tears
*god bless the weak (week you left)
*kidding you
*idiots rule the world
*let the light in
*what sin
*just like a whore
*gimme sunshine
*i'm alright today
*cannonball day
*rosalie come and go
*off broadway
*dear chicago
*fool's gold
*the fools we are as men
*the bar is a beautiful place
*from you to me
*sweet black magic

covers done live
*return of the grievous angel (gram parsons)
*i still miss someone (blue eyes) (johnny cash)
*time's the revelator (gillian welch)
*helpless (neil young)
*dreams (fleetwood mac)
*brown sugar (stones)
*i want it that way (backstreet boys)
*dead flowers (stones)
*burning bed (backsliders)
*expressway to your skull (sonic youth)