hard luck story
words and music by david ryan adams
barland music (bmi)

well i was thinking that i shoulda

but i didn't ever leave you but

C                 G
baby, i'm leavin' tonight

G                                                                   D
there's a trucker drinking coffee in the station who can give me a ride

well i was thinking 'bout a headin' down to mobile, alabama

             C                  G
and that was just last Saturday night

       D                           C                        G
well i can leave you if i wanna little baby and i'm a gonna tonight

'cause i gotta bucket full of tears and a hard luck story

C                           G
there's a bad moon risin' behind

and i swore to your daddy that i loved you

but i changed my mind

i'm a fast-talking, hell raising, son-of-a-bitch

C                              G
i'm a sinner and i know how to fight

           D                          C                   G
and i can leave you if i wanna little baby, and i'm gonna tonight