midway park
words and music by david ryan adams/phil wandscher/eric "skillet" gilmore
barland music/maggot brain music/econoron music (bmi)

transcribed by david tack & judd bolger

anchor your pointer finger and ring finger on the Dsus2 chord (this is the
regular D chord with the high E string open). use your middle finger to
play the bass notes in this order...(F# G B A) all while picking the higher
strings you have anchored.

----------------------0--------  similar to this.

midway park

Bm           A
streetlights shine on a hood that is dark

down on the graves

A     C     G    A C   G    A C  G
where we'll lie, we'll lie. will i?

[A Dsus4/E A Dsus4/E A Dsus4/E]