jacksonville skyline
words and music by david ryan adams
barland music (bmi)

transcribed by Judd Bolger
with lyrical amendments by Liza Musquiz

[Addendum: there was a little capo confusion. The song is in the key of B, which means if you want to play the chords the way Ryan does, and be in the correct key you have to capo the fourth fret and play the chords as I wrote. So although you are playing the song with the G, C, D, Emin formations the song is really in B. Hope i'm not being confusing.]

Jacksonville Skyline

Here's one of my favorites off Pneumonia. It's real simple but has a very
pretty arrangement and awsome lyrics. It's played with a capo on the fourth
fret in the key of G. Ryan does some hammering off on the A and D strings.
You should be able to hear it and I can't write tab so i can't notate it
exactly. I also am not sure of all the words. Any help is appreciated. So,
here it is peoples.

Intro just hangs on G, hammering on the A string.

well the banks of the river run through my hometown
G                                        C
born on the dirt roads, and i scraped my knees
well they paved the roads eventually
G                                       C
with neon signs and car dealerships and diners

    D                 Emin          C
the soldiers fill the hotels on the weekends
  D              Emin       C      D       G
i saw the pretty women as i walked through town

Verses 2&3:

i moved away soon as i turned sixteen
figured i was old enough to go and work a job
well i floated down main street. pools of carlights
overcame me wishin' i was still back home

jacksonville's a city with a hopeless streetlight
seems like you're lucky if it ever changes red to green
i was born in an abundance of inherited sadness
with a 50 cent picture frame bought at a five and dime

Final chorus(chords same as the first):

i ended up a soldier on the weekend
looking for a vacancy i wasn't able to find
somewhere the night sky hangs like a blanket
shoot it with my capgun just to make it
seem like stars