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"We were supposed to be the Nirvana.  I guess I was supposed to hang myself with a banjo string." 
--   Ryan Adams to CMJ

"This is the most irrelevant song to my whole fucking life."
--Ryan Adams @ the 40 Watt in Athens GA before playing 16 Days

"I personally despise and hate commercial rock radio, and don't want anything to do with it at all most of the time. I don't listen to it myself anyway."  ...  "It's kind of like being in high school; it's like 'well all the cool people are wearing that so I guess we should be wearing that'"
--Ryan Adams @ WFUV studios, 10-03-2001

"I want to make sure I'm with a girl that's a good kisser, and that when I wake up, I have coffee and a cigarette. That's all I really want out of life. That, and world domination."
--Ryan Adams to Rolling Stone

"I actually think I'm a lot better songwriter than Jeff Tweedy is."
--Ryan Adams to the Metro Times Detroit.

"I was gonna wear my Gene Simmons boots, but they didn't match my shirt"
--Ryan Adams @  Foleys, SF 2-18-01

"If I waited on you earlier in the evening, let's just forget about that relationship right now."
--Caitlin Cary @ Humble Pie

"Welcome to the Bloodshot hangover party, I'm becoming a socialist, I drank a ton of Stoli vodka last night..."
--Ryan Adams @ the CMJ Fest.

"I can’t help it, I like processed cheese... there are cows out there that need jobs!"
--Ryan Adams @ Paramount Theatre, Denver CO, 10-20-01

"The thing is, I never seem to drink Nyquil when I'm sick"
--Ryan Adams @ the Tabernacle, Atlanta GA, 10-01-02

"Oh yea, Neko Case is a country rock god shotgun blasting thousands of beautiful bullets through my blackened heart."
--Ryan Adams from the Bloodshot page.

"Pneumonia reminds me of what it would be like if Whiskeytown made our own Sgt. Pepper's.."
-- Ryan Adams to the Twin Cities Pulse

"So these are all songs off our next record called, 'It's Never Ever Gonna Fuckin' Come Out'"
-- Ryan Adams @ SXSW 2000.

"My name is Ryan Adams. I'm on Bloodshot Records. Thank God, you guys let me be on Bloodshot. I was starting to feel like Cher in her "Broadway Period."
--Ryan Adams on the Bloodshot page.

"In honor of Caitlin getting married to Skillet, I'm gonna do my own personal version of 'Matrimony.' Alanis Morrissette is not ironic. This is really ironic."
--Ryan Adams on New Years Eve '99

"I'd have written another line, but I'd killed both of the characters already.."
--Ryan Adams on ACL about the song, "Houses on the Hill"

"So this is the new single on out new record called, 'It'll Never Fuckin' Come Out'...and you know, it's because we don't want it to come out either...we just like being really mysterious and obscure..."
-- Ryan Adams @ SXSW 2000.

"Being down here is like being with an old friend that I didn't know very well anymore.....But now I'm wearing boots again. I pulled my old boots out again."
--Ryan Adams on the South to

"Van Alston. Let me repeat, Van Alston"
-- Ryan Adams

"Anyway, what does the description of the gram thing in the whiskeytown thing mean? It should say, Whiskeytown suck and are basically a drunken hype machine and that it works because I am sexy."
--Ryan Adams on the Bloodshot page.

"Let's play my favorite game. How about, 'You Buy Me A Shot, I Play Your Request'"
--Ryan Adams @ Wild Duck '98.

"My mom watches QVC...I got like a big box of socks for Christmas with QVC on the side..."
--Ryan Adams on Austin City Limits.

"It's hard for me to go back to them now, because I'm so busy trying to get someplace new -- I can't worry about whether or not I left the coffee maker on in my last record and I'm going to burn down the house or not."
--Ryan Adams on the Whiskeytown albums.

"I swear to God, I was up the street taking a shit at Hardee's."
--Ryan Adams on why he was late for a show opening for the Backsliders.

"You can be sad and like Elmo, can't you?"
-- Ryan Adams