the battle and the war
written by caitlin cary and david ryan adams
texas browndog music/barland music (bmi)

transcribed by jamey kitchens

the battle & the war
(--3/4, pretty straightforward, but  beautiful nonetheless…)

C9        G            D        G
when i am buried don't visit my grave

C9         G                D           G
god cannot save me from the sins i've embraced

C9          G             D          G
pay your respects at that old liquor store

      C9        G           D          G
where i won the battle, but i lost the war.

you mine for silver, and i pan for gold
you keep yours hidden, while all my are sold
you tell the truth, and i lie and i barter
and i drink and i cry, and i pass out at night

i've always cheated, though i've never stolen no
i've wanted things that you ain't never thought of
pay your respects to that gamblin' score
where i won the battle, and i lost the war

they always told me when death came my sins would be
cast out forgotten, laid to rest with my body
pay your respects to that old church-house door
where i won the battle, and i lost the war.