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a forum for traders...
if you'd like to be added to the list, email me: liza[at]mydalliance[dot]com
[new additions in bold]

Adam D. has Wilco, Big Head Todd, Replacements, Toad the Wet Sprocket and U2
Albert Maginnes
Barend Hoogteijling CDR collection 1 CDR collection 2 has "a lot of Neil Young stuff... also UT/Wilco/SV and RA... looking for more RA"
Ben Slade CDR collection
Bert Bacchus
Billy Strine has a ton of RA, White Stripes, Nirvana, looking for more whiskeytown, neil young, bowie and others
Brad Becker
Brad Vesneski
Brian Beam has lots of ryan adams shows to trade
Brian O'Neill CDR collection
Chris W Barber
Clas Wennerdahl also looking for the setlist for 9.17.97 @ Berbati's Pan in Oregon
Colin Clark CDR collection
Curt Richardson CDR collection
Danny Preising 3 Days in August CDR Trading
Darren Mitchell CDR collection
Dark Magneto CDR collection
Dave looking for Lucinda Williams, Golden Smog, Wilco, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, Son Volt, Rolling Stones, Beatles, &  Eliza Carthy...
Dave Kay
Dave Tack
David Brown CDR collection
David Klein
David Sadowski
Doug Brown CDR collection
Eric White
Grant Blaisdell
Grant McCallum looking for a copy of the Wilco show from Bumbershoot in Seattle that was broadcast live on KEXP on 9/2/02
Gregory Pippin has whiskeytown, uncle tupelo, ryan adams, jayhawks, wilco, son volt & jay farrar to trade
Hank Maes CDR collection
Haavard Johansen has lots of Neil Young, some RA. Wants more RA and Jay Farrar.
Ian Craig CDR collection
Jake CDR collection
Jamie MacDonald
Jason Gonulsen has lots of Neil Young, Cowboy Junkies, some Ryan Adams to trade
Jason Munzke looking for bloodshot-era ryan or any whiskeytown.
Jason Scott
Jay Russell
Jeff Corn CDR collection
Jeff Gardom CDR collection
Joe [jpudlo]
Joe Hooten CDR collection
John Jensen CDR collection
Johnny has Springsteen, Dylan, U2, Young, etc
Jonathan D. Wright
Josh Daniel CDR collection
Josh Mound has many Ryan shows, some Wilco, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Sigur Ros, David Gray and more
Kasey Anderson has a few RA/WT shows, but a lot of dylan, earle, springsteen and townes
Ken MacMillan "Have LOTS of Springsteen stuff (mostly soundboard), some Neil Young, Mellencamp, Bob Seger, John Hiatt, Jackson Browne, Steve Earle, Van Morrison. Want some more by these artists as well."
Kieran Wilkinson CDR collection
Kim Branson has Tom Petty
Kelly Minnis CDR collection some Ryan/Whiskeytown stuff as well as a wide variety of other boots
Kris Kotte
Looseends just started collecting RA/Whiskeytown, but has several Steve Earle shows
Marc Mathieu CDR collection
Mark St. Andre also looking for the setlist for Cicero's in Park City, UT either in the fall of '97 or '98
Martin Zielke has a large Dylan collection, some RA... and others
Matthew Diment CDR collection
Mattias Claésson has RA, springsteen, pearl jam. looking for swedish shows by RA and whiskeytown
Mauro Coscia RA, Milan, Italy @ Alcatraz - 02.18.02 - EXC quality from soundboard
Mike Jones looking for Ryan Adams & Whiskeytown Vinyl records. Need Patty Duke Syndrome 7", Blank Label 7", and Whiskeytown "Angels" 7". looking for COLORED vinyl as well.
Mike O'Brien has mostly neil young, but will trade for anything good
Nick Marrazza
Niko Springstein has RA, springsteen & singer/songwriter stuff
Patrick Murphy CDR collection
Phil [planet cereal] CDR collection
Rainqueen CDR collection
Richard Brazier CDR collection
Rob Brownstein CDR collection
Rob Grant has Ben Harper & RA to trade
Rob van den Brandt CDR collection
Robert Foster CDR collection
Rodney Rowland CDR collection
Scott Scheirbeck CDR collection
Stasia Keyes CDR collection
Steve CDR collection
Steve Menshouse Looking for soundboard recording of the 10/01 Headliners, Louisville, Ky. show. Lots to trade
Thomas Willer CDR collection
Tim Myers CDR collection
Todd Fugere CDR collection
Tom CDR collection
Tom Szwech CDR collection
Tommy Miller CDR collection
Urmi CDR collection
Victor A looking for RA and WT trades, has access to many live cds